Upco – Fully secure communications & more

Upco enables fully secure communications (AES encryption) with other Upco users for free through your internet connection*, supports HD audio and video in best quality simply using your phone number as your ID.

To call non-Upco landline or mobile phone numbers you can buy one of the attractive and flexible minute plans or just use our international airtime top-up.

Main Features:

Free Audio & Video Calls

Free* audio and video calls to other Upco users in HD quality and fully secured (AES encryption). Upco users are automatically detected.

Messaging & Group Chats

Free* Instant messaging and group chats up to 100 friends with audio conferencing.

Transfer & Payments

**Upco-to-Upco balance transfer, micro payments within the application.

Sharing Geolocations

Share your geolocation and favorite places nearby.

Sharing Attachments

Sharing attachments, short videos, audio notes and pictures.

Your Account

**Apply for attractive and flexibel minute plans or international airtime top-up. Get virtual phone numbers from more than 60 countries.

Don’t have Upco yet?

Upco is a cross-platform application currently available for Android and soon for Apple iOS.

*Wi-Fi or data plan is recommended. Network data charges may apply.

**Available December 2017