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Upco Carrier Cloud

Upco Systems’ Carrier Cloud is a global voice termination platform for international telephone minutes, which connects currently 170 countries together and therefore almost every important country and major service providers. And for many of these customers, particularly the major carriers, we engage in buy-sell relationships, terminating their customers’ traffic in exchange for terminating our wholesale and retail traffic with their customers.

However, high quality connections and competitive international termination rates require a compelling technology platform and reliable direct connection routes.

Upco Systems’ Carrier Cloud is the centerpiece of our daily VoIP business. This powerful voice termination platform, basically developed by Digitalk Limited, is also used by well known Tier-1 Carrier to manage its yearly wholesale turnover of up to US$ 500m.

Upco Systems’ Carrier Cloud differences to existing solutions and competitors are:

  • REACH – A complete cloud-based voice termination platform solution which connects currently 170 countries
  • GATEWAY– Accepted voice termination hub between Tier-1 and Tier-2/Tier-3 Carriers
  • SCALE – Enables high termination volume with strong partners up to several hundreds of US$ millions
  • NO LIMITS – Termination Scalability without technical limits
  • QUALITY – Highest quality routes in connection with most cost-effective pricing
  • INTELLIGENCE – Business Intelligence and detailed data analysis to drive down costs and increase profitability