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The Key – Creating Synergies

Upco Systems understands the future wholesale business to deliver a wide range of services at price points that cannot be replicated by its competitors.

The best outcome is achieved where a virtuous cycle of more user volume and popular value added services are created on the existing network platform, which in turn increases the number of users.

In this model, Upco Systems can offer services tailored to multiple price and quality points, and offer a wide range of types of application with wholesale transport needs. There are strong synergies with other lines of business divisions. The business has strong differentiation and generates barriers to entry.

Transforming into a converged quality-assured voice and data wholesale provider

To achieve this, Upco Systems aligns with new techniques and exploit the fundamental properties of packet multiplexing to achieve for example cheaper generic connectivity. This enables the cost structure and delivery capabilities that will be successful in future. The synergy thereof enables new differentiated wholesale products.

For new growth application areas Upco Systems will increase the value of a quality-assured connection and gives the user the opportunity to use the connection for other applications of daily life, such as is now the case with the circuit voice, rather than selling undifferentiated bandwidth. Selling only bandwidth merely allows other providers in the service chain to determine the value.

What was once true for a single voice application becomes a generic quality assurance market for all cloud services.

From quality-assuring voice to all cloud services

Upco Systems takes what made voice successful, and abstract from that the transferable technologies and business processes and turns those processes into a number of specific services. Upco Systems as the wholesale operator then delivers service-oriented results with a measured unit of worth, such as completed video calls.

In this model, Upco Systems can also be a market-maker. This is a little like how Amazon is both a trader and platform provider. This model allows other parties to create and own the physical assets, while the wholesaler composes them, manages the technical and contractual interfaces, and collects the value of creating end-to-end value for the customer. Furthermore, the wholesale operator can be an aggregator of relationships with retail ISPs for assured delivery, a little like how the CDN market works today.

The advantage of this model is that Upco Systems sells the services and gets the advantage to control the multiplexing. Upco Systems cannot be bypassed will accrue the full benefit of having assured it. Additionally, there is a natural follow-on sale of local computation and storage, since the best cost and experience outcomes will be on Upco Systems’ assured network.