Upco International, Netflix, Tencent: Unchecked Mobile & Internet Boom!

In a current article from January 6, 2021, André Will-Laudien, author at News.Financial, writes about the companies Deutsche Telekom, Tencent, and Upco International. You can find the complete article here.

Here is an excerpt from this article:


The Canadian telecommunications company UPCO has recognized the needs of its customers with its technical developments. As a voice service and payment provider, UPCO operates primarily in emerging markets and sub-regions, especially where local monopolists charge very high telecommunications services. Those who rule scarcity can dictate prices. UPCO jumps into these local structures and buys larger minute quotas, which in turn can be used by its customers on the move. The whole thing is done without unnecessary contracts, just by Click & Pay in the Company’s app.

But not only can third-party services be sold so easily, UPCO is also strong in integrating value-added services. By using blockchain technology credit cards, accounts, and crypto payment systems can also be linked. This feature is expected to go online as early as this year. It will provide UPCO customers with a communication app with universal payment functions.

In a Christmas letter to shareholders, CEO Andrea Pagani outlined his plan for the coming years: expansion on different continents, launching UPCO Pay and further cutting costs, as well as reducing debt. Marketing and sales will also be strengthened to broaden the business base.

UPCO believes it is ideal for pandemic-induced changes in human habits and goes into the new year with high expectations. One will occupy interesting niches and have a global mobile presence. The speculative stock currently has a capitalization of only CAD 4.5 million – that’s not much for its existing and future portfolio of services.

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