Riot Blockchain, Upco International, Microsoft: Game Changer Blockchain – More than just Bitcoin!

In a current article from January 18, 2021, Carsten Mainitz, author at News.Financial, writes about the companies Upco International, TUI, and Deutsche Lufthansa. You can find the complete article here.

Here is an excerpt from this article:


The share price of Upco International increased significantly in recent weeks. In our opinion, the increase does not stem from developments in the core telecommunications business but is based on the potential of other “digital services.” Specifically, this involves a proprietary blockchain-based solution for payment services.

Upco is a licensed global telecom carrier in the international VoIP (Voice over IP) wholesale business and operates primarily in niche markets. However, the fantasy for the stock, with the potential to revalue the Company, is UpcoPay. UpcoPay is an innovative, secure, and convenient direct payment solution between individuals and merchants. UpcoPay is expected to complement an e-wallet before the end of the year, including to top-up balances or enable payments via the app.

At the beginning of December, the stock was trading at just CAD 0.04, rising to CAD 0.17 in January. At the current CAD 0.14, the Company is still very moderately valued at just under CAD 13 million. Upco can convert existing telecom customers to “pay” and also attract other customer groups. According to the Company’s statement, an important milestone is a proof-of-concept, which will initially be provided in Europe this year. If this is successful, the share will still have a long way to go before reaching its highs.

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