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Our Team

Andrea Pagani

CEO & Board Member / Upco International Inc.

“Visionary” is what suits Andrea perfectly. Holding a bachelor in computer science in nanotechnology and graduated cum laude from university Politecnico in Milano shows his potential. He started his career working for various world leading telecom operators solving complex business development projects globally. His specialty nanotechnology brought him to found Upco where he initiated (based on blockchain technology) an application that supports a combination of industries such as mobile payment and telecom. His ability to see “over and above” adds value to help develop commercial products with this high-end application. In this dynamic moving industry and time he supports the board in continuous search for new opportunities.

Sebastiano Galantucci

Board Member & Head of Digital Services / Upco International Inc.

Sebastiano has long and credible experience in the business management as  team player in cross-culture environment from leading local team to executive management positions. From traditional telecom sector (over 20 years ) to digital arena, he got the  chance to enrich his professional tenure. The last experience  (2017-2018) was about building a  Digital Enabler with operations in London, Bahrain, Hong Kong and Manila  through acquiring a company and repositioning it with the new focus on innovations as telecom grade OTT based app, OTT SIM and in particularly in the Fintech area.  M&A and business development are the key area of interest.

Juan Ramos Taboada

Board Member & Head of Wholesale Telecom / Upco International Inc.

Mr. Ramos Taboada, based in Argentina, has extensive experience in building successful companies. From 2000 to 2010 Mr. Ramos Taboada was the Vice President Latin America of iBasis. iBasis is the leading international voice carrier and provider of value-added services for mobile operators. In 2011 Mr. Ramos Taboada was the Strategic Advisor for SKYPE for Latin America He was instrumental in helping SKYPE to develop its Latin American footprint.

From 2011 to 2015 he was the COO of Business Telecommunications Systems (“BTS”), one of the top Worldwide Wholesale and Retail Telecom Carriers in the world. Mr. Ramos Taboada holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, an MBA from IESE (Barcelona, Spain), and an AMP from Harvard Business School.

Gerben Borsje

Board of Directors / Upco International Inc.

Mr. Borsje is a self-made sales and distribution driven entrepreneur. He has built various consumer brands on a global and pan-European scale. He has more than two decades experience and knowledge with fast moving consumer products. His capacity in building bridges and out-of-the-box thinking will be a tremendous asset to Upco. He has extensive experience with managing negotiations for commercial agreements on an international level.