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Global A2P SMS Market

Application-to-person (A2P) SMS is a service in which an SMS is sent from an application, especially a web application, to a mobile subscriber. The global A2P SMS market is driven by greater mobile marketing activities and growth in mobile banking and mobile payments. Additionally, technological innovations and development of new SMS platform tools with integrated application programming interface (APIs) are further expected to fuel the market growth until 2020. This market is segmented on the basis of applications and geography.

The various application segments in the global A2P SMS market include promotional campaigns which are projected to exhibit strong growth for the upcoming years, pushed content services, customer relationship management services, interactive services, and other inquiry based services. A2P SMS is preferred over other content delivery mediums as it offers multiple advantages.

Transparency Market Research forecasts

The global A2P SMS market will be worth US$ 70.3 billion in 2020

Compelling reasons why SMS is still a channel of choice

SMS is “the” original mobile phone application and is installed on every handset in the world. SMS is global, whereas other services are fragmented. In Asia people are using Line, WeChat, and Kakao, WhatsApp is dominant in Europe and Apple’s iMessage rules the States. And in parts of the world where data bandwidth becomes a real challenge, SMS is unaffected.

SMS is also the most secure and reliable option for A2P communications. This is important for all organizations and providers who are sending sensitive data.

The fields of use are versatile

A2P SMS are mostly used in industries like marketing, media, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, banking, tourism, financial services, and retail. The market for A2P SMS consists of several participants like SMS gateway providers, SMS aggregators, telecom operators, resellers, and bulk SMS providers.

Upco Systems will reach its target markets

Geographically, Asia Pacific was the leading regional market for A2P SMS, with around more than 40% share in total revenue generated in 2013. Strong growth of e-commerce and insurance industry in China, India and other emerging economies for the region are driving demand for A2P SMS.

North America and Europe are additional important regions for A2P SMS market. Latin America, Africa and Middle East are also expected to experience significant growth of A2P SMS market until 2020.

The Key - Creating Synergies

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