Upco International – Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

For the Annual General and Special Meeting of the Shareholders, to be held on Thursday, April 22, 2021

Download PDF: Upco-International-Notice-of-Meeting-2020

Upco International – Info Circular 2020

Containing information as at March 18, 2021 unless indicated otherwise

Download PDF: Upco-International-Info-Circular-2020

Upco International – Form of Proxy 2020

Form of Proxy 2020 – Virtual Annual General Meeting to be held on April 22, 2021. This Form of Proxy is solicited by and on behalf of Management.

Download PDF: Upco-International-Form-of-Proxy-2020

Upco International – Financial Statements Request Form 2020

Under securities regulations, a reporting issuer must send annually a form to holders to request the Interim Financial Statements
and MD&A and/or the Annual Financial Statements and MD&A. If you would like to receive the report(s) by mail, please make
your selection.

Download PDF: Upco-International-Financial-Statement-Request-2020